F&V Z180 UltraColour LED Video Light - 95 CRI – Digitec Trading Inc

F&V Z180 UltraColour LED Video Light - 95 CRI

SKU: Z180 Ultra

$300.00 CAD

The Z180 UltraColor LED Light Panel features 180 LEDs with a CRI 95. This Z180 UltraColor delivers a bright yet soft, pure-color beam of 1460lx light output. The new, 95 CRI LEDs place the F&V product line at the forefront of technology in the market for LEDs. The high CRI LEDs allow for rich, precise color rendering and flexibility across the wide array of digital video sensors on the market today. By having a high CRI, the Z180's light quality will be perceived in a similar fashion across all sensors with no discernable difference. The high CRI LEDs also offer great color blending when using natural light sources such as daylight or tungsten filaments.

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