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Photoflex WhiteDome


$259.99 $194.99 CAD

The Photoflex WhiteDome is a translucent soft box that produces soft, nearly shadowless lighting. With its bright, diffused light, it is an ideal soft box to be used for video conferencing lighting and for architectural photography. The WhiteDome is made with our Brimstone fabric to handle lights up to 2000 watts. It works ideally with our StarLite QL, however, it will work with most continuous lights, as well as our StarFlash and other strobe lights.The advantage of the WhiteDome is that it comes with black side panels to prevent unwanted light spillage. Panels made from our BrimStone fabric; durable and heat-resistant. The side panels attach and separate easily to the outer skin of the WhiteDome, allowing you to block any unwanted light emission. This makes the WhiteDome a big advantage as you can use it for a omni-directional light soft box (removing the side panels) and a regular (attaching all the side panels). You can attach one, two, three or all four side panels.

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