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Artisan & Artist RDB-SL300 Red Label Sling Bag

SKU: RDB-SL300Beige

$279.99 $223.99 CAD

This Sling bag combines comfort and fast access to its contents at the same time.

The bag is suitable for an outdoor photo session or any outdoor activity. The inner partitions are fastened with Velcro tape, making it easy to detach them and customize the inner case to suit the camera and accessories. The cushioned compartment can hold a laptop up to 13 inches. To reduce the strain of carrying the bag, the shoulder strap is affixed with a thick pad. It is possible to carry the bag either on the left or right shoulder as the lower part of the shoulder strap can be detached and fixed accordingly. The inner partitions can be positioned according to the side on which the bag is carried.

Material: Nylon, Leather

Body Size: W260× H420- 460 × D150mm
Inner size: W240 × H320 × D110mm

Content: Mid-level DSLR with lens + Lens+ MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina


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