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Red Label by Artisan & Artist RDB-MG100 Red Label Messenger Bag


$199.99 CAD

The messenger bag is convenient to wear when riding either a bike or a motorcycle.

It can store a single-lens reflex camera (middle model) and two additional lenses inside. A 10mm thick inner case securely protects the camera and accessories. The inner partitions are fastened with Velcro tape, making it easy to detach them and customize the inner case to suit the camera and accessories. An additional waterproof YKK zipper on the rear side makes it easy to access the main compartment. The bag has a pocket fitted with cushioning which can hold a laptop up to the size of 13 inches.

There are two different pockets in the front compartment, a full-size pocket with a zipper and a divided pocket, enabling various small items to be separately stored. To reduce the strain of carrying the bag and its contents, the shoulder strap is fitted with a thick pad.

By removing the inner case and closing the external side waterproof YKK zipper, the messenger bag can also be used as a thin casual bag. The bag capacity can be changed by adjusting the hooks.

Material: Nylon

Size: Body Size: W350 x H230-330 x D120mm
         Inner Size: W330 x H160 x D100mm

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