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Photoflex OctoDome NXT Extra Small Basic Kit


$299.99 $199.99 CAD

Our OctoDome nxt: extra small kit is the perfect ensemble for photographers that already own a ShoeMount flash. The small size and portability of the SoftBox allows it to be used many different ways: on a handheld camera bracket for highly mobile event shooting, on our LiteReachå» for off-camera mobile shooting, and on a stationary LiteStand for studio type setups.
The OctoDome nxt: extra small has very different characteristics than the many other SoftBoxes in the Photoflex line, which makes it a very powerful tool for achieving a distinctive look when used alone or with other lighting products. The small size and deep profile (approx. 18 inches across and 9 inches deep) makes it perform like a traditional parabolic reflector. Thanks to its removable face and baffle, it can be used to achieve three distinct lighting styles for key and hair lighting applications: Specular (remove baffle and face), Softened (use baffle only), Diffused output (use baffle and face).
The OctoDome nxt is built with our heat resistant fabric and can be adapted, with optional speed ring, for use with our StarLite tungsten fixture with lamps up to 500 watts.
Kit comes complete with:
1- OctoDome nxt: extra small
1- Basic Metal OctoConnector
1- Adjustable ShoeMount Hardware
1- HeavyDuty Aluminum Swivel

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