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Photoflex SunLite LiteDisc

SKU: DL-1812SL

$189.99 $22.49 CAD

Guaranteed Flat - to create smooth, even reflections and give you control over your light source
Double-Laminated - to prevent light from going through the surface, giving you more reflection on your subject
Double-Riveted - for added strength to prevent breaking and maintain the firm shape of the Disc
Carry Bag - folds down to 1/3 of its actual size and stores easily in its own bag
The SunLite surface will bounce direct sunlight or harsh studio light onto your subject without the blinding effect of the highly reflective mylar surfaces. It is the perfect counterpart to the Soft Gold surface, as the SunLite surface is ideal for direct sun, where the more reflective Soft Gold surface is ideal for open shade. It uses a silver/gold cross hatch design for just the right amount of warmth in harsh lighting conditions.
Matt warm white surface reflects direct sun where the highly reflective surfaces would be too strong. It can be used in the studio to reflect soft light into the shadows.
White Rims on all LiteDisc reflectors - (except Black/Silver) prevent unwanted black lines in reflective objects

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