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iFootage Wild Bull T Series T7 Carbon Fiber Tripod

SKU: Wild Bull T7

$869.99 $599.99 CAD

The iFootage Wild Bull T7 Carbon Fiber Tripod can be used to support a camera rig, jib arm, or other load weighing up to 88 pounds. Constructed from carbon fiber, the T7 tripod is a lighter, more compact entry in the Wild Bull series. The tripod extends from 28" to 59" with a minimum height of 8" at the maximum spread. Features include quick-release levers for one-handed height adjustments, a half ball 75mm adapter for use with flat base heads, and an adapter tie-down.

  • The carbon fiber legs have spiked ends for use on rough terrain and removable rubber foot pads to use on flat surfaces. The included ground spreader can also be positioned midway on the Wild Bull T7, a handy feature when the ground may be obstructing the spreader footprint. Use the load hook to attach a sandbag or even your backpack as a counterweight. An integrated rubber belt enables you to strap the tripod legs together for easier and safer transporting.
  • The tripod is compatible with 75mm bowl tripod heads and includes a half-ball adapter and tie-down knob for use with 75 mm flat-base heads
  • Constructed from carbon fiber, this three-section tripod supports up to an 88-pound load
  • The tripod extends from 28" when folded to a top height of 59"; the minimum height is around 8" at maximum spread
  • The legs end in spiked feet for use on rough terrain; and include removable rubber foot for use on flat surfaces
  • Single-handed height adjustments are possible thanks to the tripod's quick-release levers
  • The included ground spreader may also be used mid-level in situations where the ground might be partially obstructed
  • A half ball adapter and tie-down knob are included for use with 75mm flat base tripod heads
  • A rubber belt attached to one leg can be wrapped around all three legs for easier, safer transportation
  • The load hook enables you to attach a sandbag or other load as a counterweight



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