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iFootage Wild Bull T7

SKU: Wild Bull T7

$899.99 $649.99 CAD


Increased Stability

The T7 can add or remove a mid-level spreader to offer further stability to the tripod. If this component is removed, the legs can be adjusted independently which allows you can get as close as possible to the ground or use the tripod on rocky terrain. Shooting in a muddy environment or in shallow water? Simply use an SS screw to secure the feet pads and spikes and you're ready to go! Take your outdoor photography further and use the feet spikes to anchor the tripod directly on ice or slippery surfaces with perfect stability for that amazing shot.. The T7 uses a lower ground-level spreader. T7 has built-in screws for hanging weights to increase the stability in windy situations.


Quick release

The T7's quick release plate design, allows lock and release of the tripod with just one hand. Locking speed is three times faster than traditional lock design. It has a flat bowl edge switch. T7 is compatible with a 75mm Bowl.


Beautifully versatile

The T-series special feet design has the nails and anti-sliding rubber pad for different terrain use. The new T7 tripod is more portable while providing superb stability with the claw-like system.

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