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iFootage Shark Slider Nano Bundle


$1,049.00 CAD


The Shark Slider Nano is the world’s first built-in two axis motion control slider
A lightweight, portable, powerful and revolutionary one stop slider solution

Bi-directional set up provides almost twice the travel distance whilst keeping the slider, compact and portable for transportation 2 in 1 - two axis control, say hello to the world’s first portable slider with built in 2 axis motion control, no additional pan head required to create stunning 360 degree footage

Intelligent control:
The shark slider Nano algorithm ensures maximum stability, detecting and neutralizing any potential vibration - works perfectly with macro lenses

Vertical vistas:
Add even more to your creativity with vertical camera, movement and pan head rotation, maximum payload of 2kg

Silence is golden:
The ultra-quiet brushless motors allow location voice recording without noise disturbance, brushless motors with high performance bearings provide smoother operation and longer life expectancy 

Small form factor:
No matter where you find yourself-whether it’s a short haul flight, mountain trekking or urban travel, the shark slider Nano goes with you and comfortably fits into your travel bag or rucksack

Compatible with smartphones, DSLR and mirrorless cameras:

Supports 3.5kg payload in desktop mode and 2.5kg when mounted on support equipment, payload threshold is suitable for most recording scenarios and cameras

Power duration:
Supports popular (F550/F750/F970) batteries.  Combined with the Nano's advanced power saving design, run time is never an issue. Powering via the USB-c port (2a), your battery is charging whilst your slider continues to run

Safety lock:

Safely and instantly locks the carriage in place whilst you move the Nano slider. 

Intelligent chipset:
High-precision floating-point arithmetic,180m main frequency 32-bit arm provides stable and reliable algorithm 

Collision avoidance:
Built-in sensor detects start & end points and avoids any unwanted collision.

Click and share:
The nano is your perfect companion for all your social media creative content simply and easily share your final output on your social media platforms



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