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OPEN BOX - FotoSpeed T1 Camera Strap


$99.99 $47.99 CAD


OPEN BOX Sample. 10/10 condition. 

PHOTO SPEED Professional Camera straps are designed for the active photographer. Not only the belt to ensure a comfortable feeling, but also that the camera remains stable in place and adapts smoothly while using all the movements.
Due to the lock (quick-lock), the camera is fixed put immobile, so that swinging movements are prevented. In the release position is automatically adjusted to the length of the belt, so that there are no obstructions to make the best pictures.

* High Tenactity Nylon
* Anti-slip shoulder piece with gel pads
* aircraft aluminum and zinc alloy
* Automatically length adjusting 40cm
* Total length 190cm
* 200 g
* the bearing capacity of 25kg


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