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Fotopro QP-1600 Extra Long Selfie Stick

SKU: QP-1600

$49.99 $25.99 CAD

Your Long-Arm double sided monopod will allow you to take photographs or videos like never before.
Use Long-Arm to rise above the crowd. So next next time when the shot is out of reach, us Long-Arm to capture it.

* Double sided extendable Monopod
* Extends to 1600mm and can lock at any length
* Small and lightweight for easy storage while on the move
* Standard quarter inch connections on top and bottom
* Adjustable and removable screw-in foot for easy manipulation
* Comfortable foam grip with tether leash
* Can also be use with Smartphones (Smart-Mount required)

1. Grip both ends firmly
2. Twist turn to unlock closed position
3. Pull ends apart to extend
4. Twist turn to lock in required extended position
5. To retract the tubes, twist turn and slide ends together to close

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