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Fotopro QAL-50 Quick Release Plate


$29.99 CAD

Designed using universal standards to allow photographers a quick, simple to use, and very secure quick release mechanism ideal for heavy pro camera equipment. The plate has an enhanced screw with a flip-up-handle for easy tightening by hand. Made from high-quality aluminum materials and anodized with a hard wear resistant finish.

Compatible with:

Heads: FPH-52Q, FPH-62Q
Tripods: MGA-584+52Q, MGC-584+52Q, MGA-684+62Q, MGC-684+62Q, PGA-584+52Q, PGC-584+52Q, CT-5A, X5iW+52Q, C5i+52Q, C5c+52Q

Model: QAL-50
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 49*41*10mm
Weight: .045kg

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