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Fotopro NGA-54N

SKU: NGA-54N-Blue

$139.99 $125.99 CAD

The NGA-54 monopod is constructed in Aluminium Magnesium.

With Fotopro's ergonomic G-Lock system, leg locks only need a turn to lock or loosen the leg sections.
The moulded rubber locks are easy to handle even when wearing gloves.

The 1/4" and 3/8" dual thread screw gives you the choice to attach either a camera or a ball head.

- Aluminium Magnesium NGA-54N monopod.
- Universal camera screw with 3/8" and 1/4".
- Carry bag
- Waist bag
- Wrist band strap.
- Hex spanner tool.

Model: NGA-54N
Material: Aluminum
Sections: 4
Diameter: 25mm
Max Height: 1460mm
Folded: 450mm
Weight: .42kg
Max Load: 5kg

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