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F&V Soft Box & Intensifier w/ Grid


$134.99 CAD


F&V KS-1 Softbox 50x50 & Intensifier with Grid

The F&V KS-1 Soft Box is not only a soft box but the reflective material inside of it also intensifies the brightness of the light you use it on up to 25%, while still maintaining a soft and even beam of light
No complicated assembly, just pop-up the KS-1 and attach it to your light with two reliable Velcro straps
The F&V Soft Box can be adjusted to perfectly fit a variety of 1x1 panels of different manufacturers
With the two diffusion stages, the balance between softness and light output can be adjusted on the fly
The F&V KS-1 includes a grid for directional control that attaches easily to the velcro strip inside the leading edge of the soft box


F&V KS-2 Softbox 74x48 with Grid

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