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Boya BY-SM80 Stereo Microphone


$74.99 CAD

The BOYA BY-SM80 is a stereo X/Y condenser microphone that delivers broadcast quality stereo sound to your DSLR camera, video camera, or audio recorder. This microphone provides greater control of your audio than the internal mics on DSLR camera, video cameras, or digital recorders.

The BY-SM80's high Signal-to-Noise Ratio and excellent sensitivity assure superb, clean, and true stereo sound for live action, interviews, and documentaries.

90/120 Pickup patterns allows you to fine-tune your audio capture according to the setting.
It includes an earphone for monitoring sound.
Plus, an included windscreen enhances audio-quality further by cutting down on wind noise pickup.

High-quality stereo microphone
Designed for use with DSLR cameras, video cameras
Adjustable a recording pattern 90to 120
Compact, lightweight design
Two-step high pass filter
Adjusted sound attenuation(-10dB,0dB)
Adjustable recording level
3.5mm headphone and lineout put
Integrated shock mount and shoe mount with threaded socket

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