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3 Legged Thing - AH1 Plate

SKU: AH1Plate

$49.99 $34.99 CAD

1 x 52mm x 50mm Copper Black Rapid compatible* Release Plate for AirHed 1 (and other universal clamp fittings, please email for compatibility)

1 x 1/4_ Wing Bolt

*requires Black Rapid FastenR-T1 (not included)

The new AH1 Release Plate is designed for compatibility with Black Rapid strap systems. By inserting the Black Rapid FastenR-T1 in place of the Wing Bolt, you are able to connect directly to your Black Rapid Strap, or to any 3 Legged Thing head.

Apart from being the only release plate of its kind, made specifically for Black Rapid R Strap users, it is beautifully engineered and incredibly strong. Made of anodised Magnesium Alloy.

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