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Artisan & Artist ACAM-306 Braided Silk-Cord Long Camera Strap

SKU: ACAM-306Red

$179.99 CAD

Inspired by traditional Japanese culture, the red ACAM-306 Braided Camera Strap from Artisan & Artist's Silk Cord series is designed to hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera with an attached lens. This high-quality silk and leather strap are a fixed 47.2" long and a comfortable 0.3" wide.

Using the same materials as Kimono belts, the Kumihimo is made by a traditional store in Kyoto, using soft silk to make it strong yet with a soft texture. The strap attaches to your camera via metal rings secured at each end by stitched leather connectors. Both fashionable and easy-to-use, and with an extended length ideal for larger people for cross-body carry, you can wear it in comfort for an extended period, even in hot weather, or tie it short or wind it around your wrist when shooting. Leather flaps are added to prevent the split rings touching and accidentally scratching the camera body.

Strap Length 47.2" / 119.9 cm
Strap Width 0.3" / 0.8 cm
Lug Connector Ring
Material Silk
Weight 1.4 oz / 40.0 g


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