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Artisan & Artist ACAM-115 Two-Tone Nylon Strap

SKU: ACAM-115 blk/red

$79.99 CAD

The next decisive moment is a split-second away from capture thanks to the black ACAM-115 Camera Strap from Artisan & Artist keeping your mirrorless camera at the ready, suspended from your neck, and within easy reach. The strap is 1.0" wide and made of acrylic and leather for comfort and durability. A strap ring on either end attaches to your camera lugs or to strap fittings on your full or half case. Underneath each strap ring is a small piece of leather to prevent the ring from scratching your camera body.

Strap Length 36.0" / 91.4 cm
Strap Width 1.0" / 2.5 cm
Lug Connector Ring
Material Acrylic
Weight 1.1 oz / 31.2 g

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