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4V Watch Leather Wrist Strap

SKU: Watch (Black-Cyan)

$50.00 CAD

The WATCH straps are designed for small and medium advanced compact cameras. Like the cameras it is designed to carry, the WATCH strap is a concentrate of quality, beauty, features, and performance.
The special “watch” shape, the soft suede and rounded padding make it incredibly comfortable to wear. It is much more than a camera strap: it’s a stylish and beautifully finished bracelet.

• Innovative Ergonomic Shape for Comfort and Safety
• Round Shaped Soft Foam padding with Soft Suede Lining for an extraordinary comfort
• Unmistakably scented Vegetable tanned original Tuscany “Cuoio”
• Hand-painted edges
• Reinforced Multi-Core camera attachment String.

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