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4V Design VS-Beta | Camera Strap extension accessory for 4V Dual Rapid Harness

SKU: VS-Beta (VB4VSBE09)

$70.00 CAD

The VS-BETA Kit is a very nice and smart extension strap. It is designed to be connected to the VERSIS SL sling strap by two carabiner hooks. When connected to the VERSIS SL, the system evolves into the VERSIS DUO Combo, that allows carrying a second camera or other accessories, like for instance a lens pouch or a small camera bag.

The VS-BETA can also be used as a separate spare strap and connect to any bag or support. The VS-BETA comes with the innovative 4V GIRO and safety hook camera attachment. It is very convenient and fast to connect and disconnect to the two 20mm D-Ring on the VERSIS SL strap.

The VS-BETA features a very convenient Patent Pending solution: thanks to a roller buckle, it can be opened at one end, to remove or change the hook and attach extra accessories or lenses. This extension strap is very strong and beautifully refined with Tuscany cuoio details. It is made of a high strength 25mm Polyamide custom tape. This tape is made in Italy accordingly to Military Standards. The special V shape pattern allows for a more even distribution of the load on the fibres and for much higher abrasion resistance. The tape is very compact and thick, offering perfect support for durable and strong stitching.

• Connects to the VERSIS SL strap to carry a second camera
• One ends open for inserting other accessories
• Can be used as a spare strap
• Handcrafted in Italy with Tuscany vegetable tanned cuoio
• 25mm Polyamide military standard tape
• Wide length adjustability

  • Max Load 10kg
  • Maximum Length 111cm – 43,7
  • Minimum Length 81cm – 31,8”
  • Strap Width 25mm – 1”
  • 4V GIRO & Safety Hook Camera Attachment (Allen wrench included)

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