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4V Design Versis Duo Kit | Dual Rapid Harness, double Modular Sling Strap for DSLR Mirrorless Camera Bodies

SKU: Versis Duo/Black (VB6BSDUO9K)

$200.00 $120.00 CAD

The VERSIS DUO KIT is a unique and versatile solution to carry two cameras. The kit includes the basic components of the VERSIS SYSTEM, plus the VS-BETA KIT and the GIRO attachment. The VS-BETA extension strap connects to the shoulder pad D-Rings by means of two carabiner hooks.
The VS-BETA is adjustable and includes the 4V GIRO camera attachment and safety hook. The VERSIS DUO KIT is a very stable and comfortable double camera strap thanks to the rich memory-foam padding and the exclusive 4V High-Grip Technology. It is part of the 4V VERSIS SYSTEM that introduces an innovative Patent Pending concept, exclusive to 4V Design: the system is completely modular and it can be assembled and disassembled into various configurations to carry one, two or three cameras. The VERSIS DUO can be obtained by purchasing this VERSIS DUO KIT, that includes all components in one box. Or it can be created by purchasing other VERSIS KITS, accessories and the VS-BETA strap separately. This professional strap is dedicated to Advanced Mirrorless, professional DSLR’s and Medium Format Cameras. The 4V unique Giro attachment and 4V Safety Hook provide a strong and safe connection to your camera. The VERSIS DUO offers two connection options to the camera. The safety hook can be connected to the bottom of the camera by the GIRO attachment, or directly to one of the strap connectors on the top (it is recommended to use the left attachment for better handling).
The VERSIS SYSTEM is made in Italy of high performance 25mm polyamide bands, Tuscany Leather and the unique Carbon Fiber look leather. This High-Tech leather is ideal for outdoor use. The matt finishing and black metal accessories make the VERSIS DUO a perfect non-reflective carry solution for professional photography.

• Professional Large strap to carry two cameras
• Evolves into different configurations thanks to the optional VS accessories
• Connects to both the bottom and the top of the camera
• 25mm Military standard polyamide band for maximum strength and durability
• Unique Patent Pending modular and right/left reversible construction
• Soft & Flexible padding ideal for long shooting sessions
• Made of Carbon Fiber-Look leather with Tuscany leather details.
• High-Grip Technology for great stability, safety, and comfort
• Wide length adjustability for a great versatility

Adjustable Length

  • VERSIS SL 107-155cm / 42.1-61”
  • VS-BETA 81-111cm / 31,8”- 43,7”
  • GIRO and Safety Hook Camera Attachments (allen wrenches included)
  • Max Load for each strap/side 10Kg
  • Pad size: 380x52mm
  • Strap width: 25mm – 1”

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